Product AK74B54539S

This is one of the highest quality AKs that we build.  We start with new to excellent condition parts sets.  

Second, we use a D.C. Industries receiver.  These are the only receivers we have found that exceed the quality of the originals.  All components that have mating surfaces are twice parkerized (once before assembly and once after).  You will never see a red line (rust weep) where sheet metal meets trunion!  

Third, we epoxy coat the entire rifle so you end up with a MILSPEC finish that will pass any saltwater test.  

Last, we assemble the rifle using a TAPCO G2 Fire Control Group (922r compliant).  In accordance with our Quality Control Policy, the weapon is test fired a minimum of five rounds before it leaves our facility.

Note:  At customer request we can instead use a high-temp moly coating with a slight increase in cost.

Bulgarian AK-74 Side Folder Package

This rifle is built with an excellent condition Bulgarian parts set on a DCI receiver.  These receivers in our opinion are the best available.  Most of the parts sets appear to be unfired with excellent bores.  This production run will be the last one at this price due to the rising prices of parts sets and limited number of original chome-lined barrels.

  • Twice Parkerized and Epoxy Coated

  • Mint Chrome-lined Bore

  • Includes Accessory Kit, Bayonet and Drop Case