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First off I just want to say that Tim from Gewehr Werks is an excellent person to work with. He was prompt to return calls and just had great communication. The customer service was top notch and I would trust him in a heart beat.

At first glance the finish is beautiful. My photos do not do it justice. The Duracoat leaves a nice even and crisp finish. It looks nicer than any of my other AK finishes. The rivet heads are basically perfectly rounded. The folding stock locks up very tightly. The gas tube has very minimal wobble (some wobble is normal). Magazines (Bulgarian and East German that I have tried) lock in place smoothly and also have a smooth extraction. There is a little magazine wobble, but again some wobble is normal. This is very mild compared to many AKs. The lower and upper hand guards are very snugly fit as well. The Tapco single hook G2 trigger has fairly light clean break. The bore looks mint and has a mirror shine. As a slight bonus, it also came with an early Bulgarian zig zag muzzle compensator (before they switched to the 2 piece pressed in compensator).

In summary, the quality of the build seems top notch; Gewehr Werks does excellent work. I am very happy to add this beauty to my collection. The customer service from Gewehr Werks also is above and beyond expectation! If you need a kit built or see one of their rifles you like, don't hesitate to go for it.

~ Shrike37 ~

Just received my rifle from Tim at Gewehr Werks.

Great workmanship, the rivet work and paint are second to none. Impressive! there is absolutely no cant whatsoever on any portion of the rifle. It is quite obvious that they took great care while assembling this rifle. Not a scratch on it. They even put small pieces of plastic under the safety lever and gas tube lever. So there wasn't even a scratch from those. It is a all matching numbers Bulgarian AK-74. Even the Nodak Spud receiver matches the rifle. Included were 1ea. good condition circle 10 black mag. One unused green drop bag. 4ea. unused stripper clips. 1ea used oil bottle. I unused Bulgarian bayonet (not matching). Good luck ever finding a kit with a matching Bayonet. !ea. fairly worn plum stock set.
There are two things that weren't as nice as I would have liked. First the stock set was worn. Both the black set on the rifle and the plum set included. The second issue is the cleaning rod is quite pitted under the paint.
Overall, I am extremely pleased with my Gewehr Werks AK-74. Tim is a very customer oriented individual. My experience with Tim and Gewehr Werks has been pleasurable. I would not hesitate to send them any AK kit for a custom build. I truly think their workmanship rates with the top AK builders in the country. Two thumbs way up.

~ Indiansprings ~



I just got my AK-74 back from Gewehr Werks.  I have to say it's an outstanding job by Tim.

After I unpackaged the box and started my inspection, I notice the attention to detail that had been given to this build.  Tim had place "blue plastic" tabs between the selector lever and receiver, as well as the gas tube lever and rear sight base to prevent any premature wear on the finish from the movement of the levers.

After completing my inspection of the outside of the weapon, I began to disassemble to see how things looked on the inside.  Again, I witnessed the attention to detail that he had put into this build.  No overspray on the gas piston from the bolt carrier, no residual glass beads from the bead blasting, and internal components were lubricated with Tetra-Lube.  After reassembling the weapon and doing a function check, it cycled almost like a milled AK.  Totally smooth action!!

I tossed the black polymer furniture that came with the kit as it had more than its fair share of wear.  I replaced it with a wooden front handguard set I picked up on Gunbroker and a spare pistol grip that I got at the last gunshow.  Added a FSE US Mag Floorplate and made it 922r compliant.

All I can say is that Gewehr Werks will definitely be hearing from me again!!

Thanks for a great job on my kit, Tim !!

~ Steve C. ~  

Thanks to Gewehr Werks and especially Tim for the recent build!

This Polish UF started out as a unfired matching # "Collector Grade" kit orginally offered a few years ago from Akron Armory. With a new Nodak Spud Polish Marked Receiver, with numbers matching the trunion, Gewehr Werks suppling the 922 compliant parts and build, what could be better?

It's a brand new rifle!!

As for the "Big question" to shoot or not? Well, not too soon, however hopefully by the end of summer, this lots going on prior..

The only thing I wish, is: I wish I had more $$ for another build.

Again; Anyone looking for a Number 1 Quality/Reasonable $$ Builder, you found it here w/Tim at Gewehr Werks!!!!

~ RZ10#99 ~



Just wanted to say thanks for the great job you did on my Yugo M70 kit. I know the virgin kits are a lot of extra work, but nothing beats a brand new AK. Smile

Your attention to detail is beyond reproach as far as I am concerned. I have a few builds from other gunsmiths and frankly speaking, this is by far the best I have ever seen.

Had it not been for a referral email from another member here on the AK Forum, I would have probably still had my kit sitting on the shelf in the closet. I spend most of my time on Gunsnet, but it's pretty flat when it comes to any gunsmiths frequenting the board.

Again, many thanks for the great Yugo build. Count on my next project coming to you in the Spring.

~ John D. ~