About Us

Gewehr Werks is a Class 2 Manufacturer of Machine Guns.  We also manufacture a multitude of semi-automatic rifles.  We specialize in Belt-Fed semi-automatic clones of popular machine guns, such as the HK 21, 21E and the 23E.  We also manufacture a semi-automatic version of the 1919 A4/A6 Browning.

We have dedicated a large portion of our facility to the manufacture of the Automat Kalashnikova family of weapons and virtually all variants of the Eastern Bloc, Middle East, Asia.

Gewehr Werks offers a full line of semi-automatic assault rifles, and you may refer to our Product List for additional details.  A great portion of our work is with customer supplied parts kits and receivers.  Gewehr Werks is unique in the sense that we use no distributors, our weapons go directly from concept to customer.

We perform depot-level service on all HK machine guns and long guns.  Gewehr Werks also does unusual one off conversions, like installing a barrel shroud and heavy machine gun barrel in an HK91 or installing a new trunnion in a HK machine gun.  Please refer to our Services List for additional details.

Gewehr Werks is now offering Law Enforcement (LE) Machine Gun Demonstration Programs that we will tailor fit to your departmental needs.  We also offer depot-level servicing for your patrol rifles and machine guns.

Thank You,

Tim Foreman

A few of our weapons